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New Game

2012-06-07 20:14:26 by TheBaird96

I will be remaking Obsidian Blade in a whole new way, it will be a great experience. I thank you for all the advice so far, if anybody has anymore advice, please comment.


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2012-06-09 21:25:31

maybe some type of animals like deer and pigs and stuff like that to earn money or XP and maybe a hunger and thirst bar to and guilds that you can join that have special missions or some missions where u can help the guy/thing or whatever the quest is or stop the person doing it maybe a couple factions too oh and a bunch of shops where u can trade stuff or buy/sell oh and caves with some special items in them or some superstitious stuff to like ghost and werewolves and vampires oh and some bosses too that would be awesome and they could have a TON of money and some cool armor and weapons sorry its so long but i have to many ideas

TheBaird96 responds:

Thank you for your ideas. that will definitely better some of the things i have already sparked up.


2012-06-22 09:00:09

theres so many things u can do with games like this so its not hard to think of ideas and its easier since i have played almost all of the elder scrolls cant wait till its finished the demo looks great and its got potential to be a really good keep up the good work :)